Re: [IWAR] AIDS estimates revised upward

From: John P Trotter (ptrotterat_private)
Date: Wed Nov 26 1997 - 19:36:43 PST

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    AIDS is the first disease that has been given Civil Rights. 50 years ago
    many diseases were incurable except by behavior. STDs especially - now the
    viral diseases are in the same medical position. Bacterial diseases being
    cured now were incurable then you got well or died. Same for a virus now.
    Use the same Public Health procedures as the other STDs - require a list of
    contacts - test the contacts. 
    Every person who dies from contact with someone who could have been found is
    the responsibility of those who put politics ahead of public health.
    Remember vaccines have been found for some viral diseases. But no CURE has
    ever been found for ANY viral disease.

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