[IWAR] [NSA] Crowell's, others' statements

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Mon Dec 29 1997 - 19:48:37 PST

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    I'm not saying that Crowell intentionally misrepresents the truth,
    I'm only saying he was, as of last summer when he wrote his statements
    to House-NSC, out of touch with the truth; behind it by only a few
    years. One of his claims is that the "Crypto Genie" is by no means
    "out of the bottle" and there's still plenty of time to integrate the
    government into cryptography products. However, that's wrong, that's all.
    Gov't still has techne like EF monitoring from a shadowy van down the street.
    They use it in Germany, as a matter of fact, to detect "illegal TV licenses".
    However, the rights of access and contribution to the history of human speech 
    and of private communication cannot be denied to every person. It's a losing 
    battle, and one based in flawed principles of competition for control over 
    every detail of everyone else's life. The willingness of human apes to 
    inflict violence enforcing this creed appals even the most intrepid 
    galactic adventurer.
    For example: government could write laws against gravity, but even as they
    hit the books, we would not suddenly lift into the sky. They could legislate
    against excessive nuclear waste and then still fund nuclear power exploits,
    but that would not cure cancer. Similarly, free software items like the one
    below cannot be denied transmission through a medium with no possibility of
    a central power structure to control the transfer of information.
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    >Happy Xmas from the Cryptix Development Team!   Here's the full story:
    >For immediate release:
    >Cryptix 3.0 - the International JCE
    >23 December 1997 -- A major new release of Cryptix is now available on
    >web sites around the world. Cryptix V3.0 includes the International Java
    >Cryptography Extension (IJCE).
    >The cleanroom implementation of the JavaSoft specification was built by
    >David Hopwood and Raif Naffah, and also includes new algorithms by the
    >team, including the long-awaited unencumbered ElGamal public key
    >Cryptix includes the strong cryptography that is needed to protect
    >privacy and electronic commerce on the Internet. With this release, the
    >Cryptix Development Team is maintaining its committment to quality,
    >freeware cryptography.
    >In full, the Cryptix International JCE release supports:
    >       Symmetric
    >       encryption
    >                      Blowfish, CAST5, DES,
    >                      Triple DES, IDEA,
    >                      LOKI'91, RC2, RC4,
    >                      SAFER, SPEED, Square
    >       Message digests
    >                      HAVAL, MD2, MD4,
    >                      MD5, RIPEMD-128,
    >                      RIPEMD-160, SHA-0,
    >                      SHA-1
    >       Public-key
    >       encryption
    >                      RawElGamal GF(p), RSA
    >       Public-key
    >       signatures
    >                      RawElGamal GF(p), RSA
    >       Padding
    >                      PKCS#5, PKCS#7,
    >                      OneAndZeroes, NONE
    >       Modes
    >                      ECB, CBC, CFB,
    >                      CFB-PGP, OFB
    >       Miscellaneous
    >                      Base64 encoding
    >Cryptix now offers the widest choice in Java cryptographic solutions.
    >These benefits can be downloaded from the international mirror index
    >listed below.
    >A design goal of maintaining compatibility with Java 1.0.2 has been
    >substantially achieved, although specific Java 1.1 features and some of
    >the new algorithms (ElGamal and KeyGenerators) are not available when
    >using the older standard. This provides a smoother upgrade path to full
    >J1.1 and JCE functionality.
    >The international download mirror index is located at
    >http://www.systemics.com/software/cryptix-java/   The Cryptix
    >Development Team acknowledges the kind assistance of the many mirror
    >sites that permit widespread and free distribution of the product, to
    >maximum benefit of the Internet community.
    >David Hopwood <hopwoodat_private>, Raif S. Naffah <raifat_private>
    >and Ian Grigg <iangat_private> are available to answer questions on
    >this release of Cryptix.
    >- - - - - - - - -
    >Cryptix is a trademark of Systemics Ltd.
    >Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    >Sun Microsystems does not endorse this release,
    >and are not involved in any way with the product.
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