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From: Betty G.O'Hearn (bettyat_private)
Date: Tue Dec 30 1997 - 06:40:07 PST

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    FYI:  "Secret Power" was published in 1996. To the best of my knowledge,
    only one excerpt has been verified that appeared in Jan. 1997, in CAQ
    MAGAZINE.  There has not been excerpts "for a couple of years."
    (CovertAction Quarterly)
    See:  for the article that
    appeared in CAQ. This mag has been around for many years and does a
    superior job of investigative reporting.  
    I feel that one should read the book before turning on "BS" meter.
    Within those pages, you will see how ECHELON operates.
    "The easiest pickings for the ECHELON system are the individuals,
    organizations,and governments that do not use encryption."  
    I rest my case David.  I suggest you read the book for yourself.  Never
    underestimate the capability of the NSA. We have talked about crypto for
    years.  It has been a slow process for SO MANY to understand, let alone use
    it.  One must be disciplined.  
    If your interested in reading the book, please contact me. There is only
    source for this book in the US. 
     At 03:34 AM 12/30/97 -0500, you wrote:
    >>I've not been able to confirm this article. I have several
    >>concerns.  Although certainly ascii e-mail monitoring with
    >>expert systems and neural nets running with the processor power
    >>that NSA owns is feasible, voice and fax monitoring seems to me
    >>and others extraordinarily difficult, even with the processor
    >>and software power. 
    >My BS meter is twitching.  There is AFAIK, one book on this, "Secret Power"
    >from Australia or NZ.   There have been excerpts and press releases from
    >book and author as well as citations from "The Puzzle Palace" on this
    >circulating on the net for a couple of years.  It very well could be a meme
    >like "Good Times" or Craig Shergold.  Actually, the latter may be a better
    >analogy, as it had some albeit expired, basis in fact.
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