Re: [IWAR] ALGERIA will handle terrorists

From: Daniel Roberts (joviteat_private)
Date: Thu Jan 08 1998 - 12:12:24 PST

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    So who is surprised?
    After Oklahoma City, the first comments in the press were about 
    Islamists, but no 'international' inquiry.
    An in the Congo, after a history of UN and Western support for the 
    previous government, the new leaders have legitimate grounds to fear 
    that any UN investigations into missing/massacred refugees would end up 
    as a tool to attempt to impose external control over the new government.
    Likewise, I do not remember any 'international' inquiries into the 
    disappearances in Argentina during the 70s.
    Maybe 'international' inquiries are appropriate for 'developing' 
    nations, but not for Western nations.
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    >It's sad, but I would have to agree with Algerian government, in 
    regards to
    >an international inquiry.  Lets face it, if this happened in the United
    >States, do you think the U.S. would let a group a foreign countries 
    >around in our internal conflicts?
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    >>             We'll deal with our terrorists ourselves, Algeria says
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