[IWAR] ALGERIA will handle terrorists

From: Michael Wilson (MWILSON/0005514706at_private)
Date: Thu Jan 08 1998 - 10:52:06 PST

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                 We'll deal with our terrorists ourselves, Algeria says
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       ALGIERS (January 8, 1998 06:18 a.m. EST http://www.nando.net) - Under
       foreign pressure after massacres of up to 1,000 civilians in 10 days,
       the Algerian government urged its people to mobilize against "terrorism"
       and reiterated its refusal to allow an international inquiry into the
       mass slaughter.
       "The bloody and blind terrorist is targeting the Algerian people without
       any distinction in their ranks, particularly since the start of the holy
       month of Ramadan," the government said, vowing to hunt down the killers.
       The statement late Wednesday came just hours after security forces
       announced 62 deaths in attacks in the western province of Relizane and
       that a huge manhunt was under way.
       But the cabinet denounced what it called the "dramatic retraction" by
       the international community in its commitment to combat "terrorism."
       Several Western nations, expressing horror at the massacres, have urged
       Algiers to do more to protect civilians and called for an international
       inquiry to look into the killings.
       "Algeria, the sovereign state, renews it categorical rejection of any
       attempt to interfere in its internal affairs," said the statement after
       Wednesday's cabinet meeting.
       "The government considers any attempt (to establish an inquiry) ... as
       aimed at planting doubt regarding the source of terrorism ... and a
       stand that Algeria condemns and absolutely rejects."
       The government blames Muslim rebels for the massacres.
       "The government renews its call to Algerian men and women to be vigilant
       and mobilize around the national struggle against barbaric terrorism,"
       it said.
       Despite its angry rejection of "interference," Algeria has agreed to
       receive a special envoy from Canada who will urge Algiers to be more
       open in dealing with the massacres, an official said in Ottawa on
       The United States also stuck to its call for an inquiry but, after its
       ambassador in Algeria was lectured about interference, tried to make its
       idea more palatable to the Algerians by saying the aim would be to seek
       facts, not blame the government.
       And the German and British foreign ministers agreed Wednesday that a
       European Union delegation should visit Algeria to help the government
       end the massacres.
       "We cannot and must not simply watch passively as the murder in Algeria
       takes place," said Germany's Klaus Kinkel.
       Britain's Robin Cook said the EU wanted to discuss with Algiers steps to
       end the massacres and that Britain, as current EU president, would put
       the matter to the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting Jan. 26.
       Algeria has consistently rejected foreign involvement in dealing with
       its 6-year-old insurgency, in which tens of thousands of people have

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