[IWAR] BIO cows and genetic manipulation

From: 7Pillars Partners (partnersat_private)
Date: Mon Jan 19 1998 - 10:28:29 PST

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    Cow eggs can develop for a while with genes from other species
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       NEW YORK (January 19, 1998 00:43 a.m. EST http://www.nando.net) --
       Scientists have put genes from adult sheep, pigs and other species into
       cow eggs and the eggs have grown into early embryos.
       If the technique can be improved, it might help scientists produce
       genetically altered animal organs for transplanting into people, said
       researcher Neal L. First of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
       Scientists might be able to produce organs rather than whole animals
       from the transformed eggs, he said.
       The work is to be reported Monday in Boston at a meeting of the
       International Embryo Transfer Society.
       Researchers replaced the cow genes in the eggs with sheep, pig, rat or
       monkey genes, taken from the ear cells of adult animals. Eggs then
       developed according to the timetable of whatever species donated the
       genes, First said.
       At least some of the inserted genes were apparently reprogrammed by the
       eggs to promote early development of the species they came from, First
       Some embryos were put into females of the appropriate species for
       further development, but the pregnancies ended in miscarriage early on,
       First said.
       "We have lots of things to learn if we are going to make it go to
       completion," First said in a telephone interview. He said it's not
       whether the technique could produce baby animals.

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