[IWAR] GLOBAL central bank

From: 7Pillars Partners (partnersat_private)
Date: Mon Jan 19 1998 - 10:26:32 PST

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    U.S., Japan, Europe mull creating a 'global central bank'
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       TOKYO (January 18, 1998 9:19 p.m. EST http://www.nando.net) - U.S.,
       Japanese and European financial authorities are mulling the creation of
       a new global body that would guarantee state and private-sector debts
       countries in economic crisis, it was reported Sunday.
       Central bankers and finance ministers of the Group of Seven (G7)
       economic powers are expected to discuss the idea of setting up the
       "international central bank" at a late February meeting in London, the
       Mainichi Shimbun said.
       The proposed bank would help ease current financial turmoil in Asia,
       paper said in a front-page story from London.
       "What is needed most for crisis-hit Asian nations are measures to keep
       private-sector banks' funds from fleeing overseas and call back funds
       that have already gone," Mainichi quoted unnamed financial officials as
       Plans to aid Asian countries would include a system in which the state
       would shoulder debts of private-sector banks and issue government bonds
       guaranteed by the proposed international central bank, the paper added.

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