[IWAR] ASEAN 'virtual knowledge center'

From: 7Pillars Partners (partnersat_private)
Date: Wed Jan 21 1998 - 15:13:29 PST

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    Ramos pushes for creation of Asean 'virtual knowledge center'
       President Ramos called yesterday for the establishment of a "virtual
       knowledge center" in the southeast Asian region that will draw on each
       country's unique strengths, particularly in the area of information
       technology (IT).
       In his speech during the first ASEAN Oracle Open World conference, the
       President underscored the need to develop distance learning and
       intra-regional cooperation for faster delivery of the latest
       "The center can serve us in pooling our vast human resources to tailor
       distance-learning content to regional development needs. Our first
       objective should be to develop a regional plan to link ASEAN in phases
       through a network computing infrastructure," he said.
       President Ramos said that as a start, universities in a couple of ASEAN
       countries could be linked together to build partnerships with
       world-class centers of higher learning.
       He stressed that through IT, governments can reach out to the most
       remote of rural communities and provide them with access to education,
       health care or even the latest biotechnology research.
       IT infrastructure alone, he said, is not enough but there is also a need
       to improve productivity, global competitiveness and job growth through
       human resources development.
       "The future of the network community depends on building productive
       linkages across nations in regions where resources can be pooled and
       where the comparative advantage of each is thoroughly exploited to
       maximize the competitiveness of all," he pointed out.
       Although President Ramos noted that each ASEAN nation must be confident
       first with its own national computing infrastructure before moving into
       regional linkages, he said that the countries could still discuss how to
       facilitate regional linkages.
       IT, he said, will play an important role in Asia's return to dynamism
       despite the economic crisis experienced in the region.
       "We should be working toward common infrastructure standards and
       information technology applications. And we should be seeking access to
       the best educational facilities the world has to offer," he said.

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