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                                     DECEMBER 1997
                        TABLE OF CONTENTS:
         *  MER Readers Speak Up about U.S. Policies 
         *  The Palestinian Negotiators 
         *  Intifada Anniversary - A Decade of Struggle, A Time for 
         *  Intifada Anniversary: Arafat Not Liberator 
         *  Intifada Anniversary: Spirit of Intifada Lives On 
         *  Intifada Anniversary: The Fate of the Palestinians - Ghettos 
            and Reservations? 
         *  MER Flashback: Hebron - The Occupation Continues 
         *  "Reservations" for the Palestinians 
         *  Arafat's Gaza: Palestinians Feel Hatred and Sold Out 
         *  Jewish Composer Speaks Out on Genocide against Iraq 
         *  Edward Said: "Apocalypse Now" 
         *  Christmas in Baghdad - Is This Not A Crime? 
         *  MER EVENT of the YEAR 
         *  "Unjust, Arrogant, Contemptuous and Illogical" 
         *  The Year 1997: Hypocrisy, Deceit and Preparations for War
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