[IWAR] EGYPT militants considering truce

From: 7Pillars Partners (partnersat_private)
Date: Thu Jan 29 1998 - 12:23:28 PST

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    Thursday January 29 11:47 AM EST 
    Moslem Militant Group Says Considering Truce
       CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's largest Moslem militant group said it was
       considering a positive response to a call by its jailed leaders for a
       ceasefire in its struggle to overthrow the government.
       The Gama'a al-Islamiya (Islamic Group), in a statement faxed to Reuters
       on Thursday, said it was united despite contradictory viewpoints put
       forth under its name recently.
       Six leaders of the group, jailed for their role in the 1981
       assassination of president Anwar Sadat, urged their followers in July to
       unilaterally halt attacks.
       The other six leaders on the group's executive council, who live in
       exile, rejected the truce call and raised doubts about its authenticity.
       Attacks have continued since then and in November 58 foreign tourists
       and four Egyptians were killed in Luxor.
       "After its sources confirmed the attribution of the call to the
       historical leadership...the Gama'a Shura (executive) Council abroad is
       seriously studying a positive response to that call," the statement
       "It will be announced in due time."
       A day after the Luxor attack the Gama'a, which took up arms in 1992 to
       topple the government and set up a purist Islamic state, claimed
       A later statement said to be issued by its media liaison, Usama Rushdi,
       tried to distance the group from the attack, saying members had acted
       without consulting their leaders.
       "The group, thanks to God, is strong and united...and differences in
       viewpoints which have emerged recently, will not affect its unity and
       strength," the statement said.
       "The Gama'a accepted Usama Rushdi's apology for breaking organisational
       rules, regarding expression of opinion and decision-making," it added.
       About 1,200 people, mainly militants and police, have been killed in the
       violent campaign.

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