[IWAR] INTERNET Zaps hack Mexican gvt

From: 7Pillars Partners (partnersat_private)
Date: Wed Feb 04 1998 - 09:41:53 PST

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    Zapatista supporters hack government page
       MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Experts at virtual war, supporters of Mexico's
       Zapatista rebels have hacked into a government home page on the Internet
       and defaced it with anti-government propaganda.
       The home page for Mexico's Finance Ministry (http://www.shcp.gob.mx)
       appeared on Wednesday plastered with pictures of the rebels'
       revolutionary namesake Emiliano Zapata.
       ``We're watching you, big brother!'' one part of the message read in an
       ironic reversal of George Orwell's famous phrase warning of government
       The phrase ``X-ploit'' appeared beneath a giant yellow face. A
       ``parental advisory'' sticker similar to those found on explicit
       rock-and-roll records was pasted nearby.
       Officials at the ministry could not be reached for comment.
       ``We belong to no group, we do not belong to the Zapatista Army for
       National Liberation, but we are expressing our free expression as
       Mexicans,'' said the message, followed by the sign-off ``Zapatista Army
       for National Liberation.''
       The Zapatistas, who launched a brief rebellion in early 1994, pioneered
       use of the Internet by a guerrilla group, creating a home page to
       encourage international support. The page can be found on
       Led by the charismatic, pipe-smoking Marcos, the rebels fighting for
       Indian rights and democracy have been locked in fruitless peace talks
       with the government for more than four years. A tenuous cease-fire has
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