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Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 09:33:27 PST

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    Tiny Amounts Can Kill Thousands 
     The Invisible Weapons 
     By E.J. Gong Jr.
     Thanks to Saddam Hussein, biological and
     chemical weapons continue to make headlines.
     Heres a look at five of the most insidious ones,
     which the United Nations says Iraq has been
      The idea of killing enemies with germs isnt
     new. In 1346, the Tartars used crude catapults to
     launch plague-infested corpses into the Crimean
     city of Kaffa, in southwest Ukraine. Today,
     scientists here and abroad tinker with some of the
     most deadly ingredients known to man. 
      Biological weapons, in particular, are easy and
     quick to make. A single disease-producing
     bacterium can divide every 20 minutes. An aspirin
     bottle of bacteria could yield a huge arsenal in just
     a week. 
      Chemical weapons take longer to produce, but
     kill much faster. A single drop of sarin and VX, for
     instance, can kill in minutes.
    [tables, reference the ABC site for them]

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