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From: enelsonat_private
Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 17:13:26 PST

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    >Tiny Amounts Can Kill Thousands 
    > The Invisible Weapons 
    > By E.J. Gong Jr.
    > Thanks to Saddam Hussein, biological and
    > chemical weapons continue to make headlines.
    > Heres a look at five of the most insidious ones,
    > which the United Nations says Iraq has been
    > stockpiling. 
    >  The idea of killing enemies with germs isnt
    > new. In 1346, the Tartars used crude catapults to
    > launch plague-infested corpses into the Crimean
    > city of Kaffa, in southwest Ukraine. Today,
    > scientists here and abroad tinker with some of the
    > most deadly ingredients known to man. 
    >  Biological weapons, in particular, are easy and
    > quick to make. A single disease-producing
    > bacterium can divide every 20 minutes. An aspirin
    > bottle of bacteria could yield a huge arsenal in just
    > a week. 
    >  Chemical weapons take longer to produce, but
    > kill much faster. A single drop of sarin and VX, for
    > instance, can kill in minutes.
    >[tables, reference the ABC site for them]

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