Re: [IWAR] MYTH AND LEGEND: way beyond MJ-12

From: Dan S (danat_private)
Date: Mon Feb 16 1998 - 04:59:17 PST

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    Original Message From: Mark Hedges <hedgesat_private>
    Subject: [IWAR] MYTH AND LEGEND: way beyond MJ-12
    >Anyhow, I've come across supposed CIA files here and there which do seem to
    >indicate that sometimes the CIA tried to stop these sorts of rumors and
    >sometimes it tried to encourage these sorts of rumors. I even came across
    >one thing which indicated the CIA actually conceived and promoted the
    >"Six-million-dollar man" TV series in the 1970's as a way to entertain the
    >"populace" and make them think that obviously anyone who really reported
    >weird phenomena was a total whacko, lying, or just dumb, craving attention,
    >and watching too much TV.
    Interesting. And how may one go about obtaining these CIA files? The 1997
    edition of the CIA's online journal "Studies in Intelligence" contained
    within it an article which mentioned Russia's desire to use UFO fears to
    cloak over a first nuclear strike in the event one transpired. One very
    credible intelligence agent contacted me once very briefly and during the
    course of discussion told me that UFO's were flown over California in the
    1950's to simply provoke response. There is more than enough documentation
    out there to support the man-made UFO flap theory..
    >I don't know. Never believe what you read in the papers. Never believe
    >anything. Even that computer in front of you might not be real; in fact,
    >your whole life really could be a sham from a logical and rational
    Haha perhaps you are right..why do you think they call it television
    >One person described a bizarre series of occurences in which friends would
    >stop speaking normally and suddenly say something completely strange, and
    >then "wake up" and wonder what they said. This happened to multiple friends
    >of this person, and the things they said always correlated to the same set
    >of messages. Later, this person saw strange lights in a forest and a
    >perfectly square light door open in the middle of a field, out of which
    >stepped... humans, who waved hello, and then went about their mysteriously
    >cosmic business.
    This kind of stuff actually appears to be becoming more prevelant. Me, I'm
    still trying to figure out how a song I care nothing about but will sing in
    the shower will be on the radio when I get into the car..oh yeah, and that
    deja vu thing..  I still think there's something to that.. Why is there no
    information on deja vu entering into myth and philosophy throughout the
    Probably because it is fairly new and was accomplished by the film "Clash of
    the Titans," when Kalibos told the girl "A new Mystery for you" and then had
    one of his minions hold up a sign containing strange characters and symbols
    which made no sense, and said "When the time comes, you will remember."
    A direct message to the symbolic portion of the brain.
    Whatever, I'm through musing..:)

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