From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Tue Feb 17 1998 - 07:42:33 PST

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    Two points I see...
    1. How nice to track people as they move through a wired infrastructure.
    2. A hacker's dream...hack the beast, hack the roads, control the highways,
       and all the machines!
    >Somehow, I suspect they don't get the point. --MW
    >>From WiRED:
    >NSF Sets Up Smart-Infrastructure Shop
    > by Gene Koprowski
    > 4:00am 16.Feb.98.PST
    > What if roads were wired so they could email the
    > state transportation department whenever a
    > sinkhole started to emerge? And what if a water
    > main, with an embedded operating system, could
    > send a warning to a utility's computer before it was
    > about to burst?

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