Re: [IWAR] MYTH AND LEGEND: way beyond MJ-12

From: Dan S (danat_private)
Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 16:13:42 PST

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    Original Message From: Mark Hedges <hedgesat_private>
    Subject: Re: [IWAR] MYTH AND LEGEND: way beyond MJ-12
    >If anyone's seen the new Camel cigarette ads in Southern California and
    >perhaps elsewhere, they can see that indeed, psychadelic imagery is quite
    >useful for psyops. The billboards are totally tripped; it looks like the
    >illustration team had a budget for LSD along with their graphics
    >workstations and copies of Photoshop. Each one features the old-style Camel
    >logo somehow warped into the image at the center. It's effective
    >subconscious _branding_ of the logo, straight into the hide of the visual
    I noticed these as well. Infact, it wasn't but days after the regulations
    were put into place that these things popped up.. I was going wow, they
    can't just come out and display/say what they want anymore, so they are
    going to mind-bomb us!
    >Cigarettes are difficult to resist, not only because of the advertising.
    >They get into a mental space where I think they are evil/nice/good/
    >horrid/disgusting/tasty/contenting/maddening all at the same time. It's
    >self-reinforcing. Because I can't figure out the puzzle, and can't figure
    >out why, though I know they cause lung cancer, I still smoke them, I think
    >about them all the more. The more I think about them, the more likely it is
    >I light one up. Then I get "rational", thinking "oh, well, one or two a day
    >won't hurt." On and on and on... ack!
    I have the same problem. Someone close to me recently made the offer, "I
    will give you fifty dollars if you quit smoking." I replied "I will give you
    fifty dollars if you GET me to quit smoking!" I hate it anymore, and pretty
    much just do it to feel normal (avoid nicotine withdrawal.) I have downed
    myself to about 10 a day and am expected to be completely quit soon.

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