Re: [IWAR] last laugh

From: William A. Wilson (wwilsonat_private)
Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 08:44:14 PDT

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    He shouldn't remain in office, but he will because the N.Y. Times and the
    Washington Post want him to. Where are Carl Berstein and Bob Woodward when
    we need them? If Clinton were a Republican or if they were Republicans,
    Clinton would have been gone long ago. But the reason he will finish out
    his term, in my opinion is that the Democrats don't want Gore in the White
    House before the end of this term.  The reason is that he is such a dork
    that it will become impossible for him to win re-election even if he is in
    there for a week.
    At 05:37 AM 5/1/98 -0700, you wrote:
    >Excerpt from Publius Press, a 'conservative' free
    >e-mail journal.
    >>Question: Even if Bill Clinton sexually groped a visitor in the Oval
    >>Office, seduced a 21-year-old White House intern, dropped his trousers
    >>before a lowly state employee, illegally took money from Chinese
    >>communist donors, entertained known criminals, drug dealers, and arms
    >>smugglers at private White House gatherings, hid subpoenaed documents in
    >>the living quarters of the White House, rented out the Lincoln bedroom,
    >>illegally requisitioned the private FBI files of 900 Republicans,
    >>misused the IRS and the FBI to attack political enemies, used
    >>taxpayer-paid lawyers and aides to defend himself against charges of
    >>sexual misconduct, was criminally involved in the looting of a bank in
    >>Arkansas, lied under oath, shredded documents, castrated a buddy,
    >>suborned perjury, tampered with witnesses, and obstructed justice,
    >>should he remain in office? Yes or no. -Linda Bowles

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