Re: [IWAR] natural harmonies and peace

From: Daniel Roberts (joviteat_private)
Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 03:01:37 PDT

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    I think someone's 25watt bulb needs replacing.
    ---Mark Hedges <hedgesat_private> wrote:
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    > At small sizes, particles behave like waves. These
    waves assume certain
    > harmonies to stay stable and to interact. At cosmos
    scales, too, waves
    > interact, and the stars and galaxies assume
    harmonic patterns. Sometimes,
    > all these patterns change extremely rapidly and
    release tremendous
    > destructive and creative energy.
    > At our human scale, too, wave harmonies connect
    interactions: Migrations,
    > information systems, meme-constructs, weather, the
    > Blowing up cities is out of tune. That is not
    creative energy.
    > We appear to be able to choose a course of action,
    and appear to differ
    > from other natural phenomena in that regard.
    > If you fill a room with humans, and ask them to try
    to hum the same note,
    > it's usually e flat. Sometimes b flat. This seems
    to be true regardless of
    > their finances, nationality, or creed.
    > Together, if we learn to sing, we could build upon
    eternal harmonies so
    > deeply strong, they unite all people, rather than
    divide and conquer as has
    > been our past to date. The music is already there,
    like fractals in plants.
    > We choose to listen and to sing.
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