Re: [IWAR] NET Digital Freedom Network

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 19:36:06 PDT

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    MW wrote:
    >Interesting effort:
    Yah. A quote from Wei Jingsheng's speech there on dfn:
    >"majority of Chinese still
    >suffer from ruthless
    >exploitation and oppression,
    >deprived of the democracy and
    >freedom enjoyed by people in
    >many other countries."
    Y'all heard about Molycorp, a California lanthanide mining company being
    decimated by government raids and over-strict, selectively enforced
    environmental laws, at the direct benefit of their sole competitor, a
    Chinese company?
    Remember Clinton's 'cancellation' of Wei Jingsheng's PRI interview when
    Jiang came to Washington? He didn't want to 'upset' Jiang.
    Most favored nation trade status. Bah! Talk about information warfare.
    Who's waging that one? Who's winning? Who's screwing up?
    Time to upset someone. I'll pledge no allegiance to a country who condones
    the actions of and allies with a country which imprisons people for
    publishing pro-democracy propaganda and kills people for protesting against
    an oppressive, restrictive regime and society. Period. If China
    demonstrates real change toward freedom, well, that's great then, welcome
    to the real world.
    I suppose now anyone who supports freedom and democracy does so 'contrary
    to the interests of national security' in some peoples' minds, eh? Will it
    become a crime to freely disseminate information, even here? The copyright
    laws. The libel laws. Attempts to outlaw anonymity. Authentication
    requirements. Language requirements. Congress shall make no laws except the
    ones they wrote later on.
    "Freedom and democracy endanger national security. They must be outlawed
    immediately. The risk that a child pornographer or a terrorist might strike
    in a free society is just too great. Close the borders. Stay in your homes.
    Return all firearms to the local police. Please enter the chamber for your
    clensing. Individuals may not execute other individuals. Only the State may
    determine who shall live and die."
    Lucky for the individuals who comprise the state, huh?
    "Rights are written only in lawbooks. We removed your right to life from
    the lawbooks. Therefore, you have no right to life."
    False premise. My rights are written here in my flesh, not in the stinking
    lawbooks. I am/was/will be alive, regardless of my proximity to the next
    nuclear explosion. Nothing can change that, even if every trace disappears.
    That is my right. This is our right.
    'Some question of a human rights review' before Clinton's trip to China.
    Whoopee. Makes me puke.
    "Government is about compromise."
    Compromise with evil? Compromise my middle finger.
    Maybe the next guy will use his nerve. Nader and Forbes in 2000! *sigh*

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