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From: Ann Rosenthal (rosenthal_annat_private)
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 05:08:48 PDT

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    Superman warns kids about land mines
    By MIKE BILLINGTON UPI Pentagon Reporter
    WASHINGTON, May 4 (UPI) _ Children in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica
    will get help avoiding land mine injuries from an unusual source later
    this month _ a super hombre from another planet.
    A U.S. Army unit has designed a special Superman comic book warning kids
    about the dangers of land mines. Developed in conjunction with DC Comics,
    the oversized, 32-page comic book tells kids how to recognize a land mine
    and what to do if they find one, said Jay Thompson, an Army spokesman at
    Fort Bragg, N.C.
    Soldiers from the 1st Psychological Operations Battalion at Fort Bragg
    traveled to all three countries recently to talk to kids about what kind
    of land mine reading material would appeal to them most.
    ``Superman and Wonder Woman were the favorites,'' Thompson said, ``so we
    went with that.''
    The comic books will be distributed in Costa Rica even though that country
    has not been in a war since the 1920s and does not have a standing army.
    ``But there have been wars in nearby countries and children who are out
    gathering firewood and playing don't always pay attention to national
    borders,'' Thompson said. ``Frankly, they just don't see any boundary
    The Spanish-language comic book has educational activities and exercises
    children can do with each other or adults in addition to the Superman
    Last year the Army distributed a similar comic book to students in Bosnia
    to teach them about land mines and how to avoid being injured or killed by
    them, Thompson said.
    An exact date for distribution of the comic books has not been determined,
    Thompson said.
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    All rights reserved.

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