[IWAR] NI ulster concerns

From: Mixmaster (mixmasterat_private)
Date: Thu May 21 1998 - 12:32:24 PDT

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    Subject:      Re: Victory in sight for the men of Ulster?
    From:         Jerat_private (Setanta)
    Date:         1998/05/20
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    On Tue, 19 May 1998 14:23:53 +0100, Michael O'Sullivan
    <michaelat_private> wrote:
    >Maybe I'm missing something here but,
    >IRA - Ceasefire declared
    >LVF - Ceasefire declared
    INLA - No ceasefire
    CIRA - No ceasefire
    RIRA - No ceasefire
    Car bomb defused in Armagh, mortars found in Fermanagh, letter bomb
    sent to office in Dublin and hoax bomb in Londonderry all within the
    past 72 hours.
    >How many people have died as a result of the troubles in the last 3 months?
    Is death all that matters to you? what about those people who have
    seen bombs ripping apart their homes and shops etc? What about 79 year
    old men being kneecapped.
    >Voting yes looks like the "road to peace" to me.
    >After months, eventually  the parties agreed to a compromise.
    >Voting No, rejects their compromise. Where the fuck do you go from there?
    Back to the drawing board for a totally democratic deal which rejects
    terrorism instead of rewarding it.
    >Back to shootings, bombings and intolerance. You are not offering a
    >just rejecting a step forward. It is not a final solution, but it is a damn
    >site better
    >than some child being blown up by a bomb.
    True, but tell me again how this deal will bring peace?
    >Care to explain how voting no, will remove the guns from Irish politics?
    Care to explain how voting yes will, considering we have the Real IRA
    (I just love that name) being run by the Louth ex-quartermaster of the
    PIRA who knows exactly where the majority of Provo arms are stashed.
    Now, the Provo's have already stated that they will not fued with
    fellow republicans so they will be happy enough for these people to
    take their arms since they have supposedly given up violence.
    Ulster is nobody's Czechoslovakia

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