[IWAR] IRELAND IRA statement for peace

From: Secret Squirrel (anonat_private)
Date: Thu May 21 1998 - 13:43:08 PDT

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    Subject:      IRA Statement in Full
    From:         futurlegndat_private (FuturLegnd)
    Date:         1998/05/03
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    >Let people make up there own mind.  They did NOT reject the >goodfriday
    statement, although I'm sure you'd love if they did >and forgot their ceasefire
    as well.  Did they not say that the >agreement had merit?
    >Why don't you put the whole text up here?
    Yes, why didn't anyone? Perhaps Ive missed it over the last few days, but I
    haven't seen anyone post it.
    So, hey, here it is. 
        The statement, in full, reads:
        "The Leadership of Oglaigh na hEireann have considered carefully the Good
    Friday document. It remains our position that a durable peace settlement
    demands the end of British rule in Ireland and the exercise of the right of the
    people of Ireland to national self-determination.
        Viewed against our Republican objectives or any democratic
        analysis this document clearly falls short of presenting a solid
        basis for a lasting settlement.
        In our view the two imminent referenda do not constitute the
        exercise of national self-determination and voters' attitudes to
        the referenda should be guided by their own view and the     advice  of
    their political leaders.
        However, the Good Friday document does mark a significant
        development. But whether or not this heralds a transformation of  the
    situation is dependent totally on the will of the British
        Accordingly, we will carefully monitor the situation.
        There appears to be yet another attempt to resurrect the
        decommissioning issue as an obstacle to progress.
        The IRA commitment to assisting the search for justice and peace is a
    matter of public record. This commitment remains. Let us make it clear that
    there will be no decommissioning by the IRA.
        This issue, as with any other matter affecting the IRA, its
        functions and objectives, is a matter only for the IRA, to be
        decided upon and pronounced upon by us.
        We are mindful of our responsibilities and of the need for
        continued vigilance during these challenging times.
        We are aware also of those who will resist any dynamic for
        change. They need to face up to the reality that peace demands
        justice, equality and national rights for the people of Ireland.
        We commend the efforts of Sinn Fein. They can be confident of our desire to
    see all republicans engage in their decision-making  process at this time in a
    constructive and positive way.
        We wish Sinn Fein further success in the development of their
        peace strategy. It remains clear that movement towards a lasting
        peace is a shared responsibility of all political leaders.
        We face the future united, committed and dedicated to the
        struggle for Irish Unity and Independence.
        Beirigi Bua
        P O'Neill"

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