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Date: Fri May 22 1998 - 04:40:45 PDT

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    Are we a games list now? Please, let´s leave them Battlemechs alone and go
    back to real wars!
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    Subject:      Re: [Btech] Next Toasted Clan?
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    Chris "Ken3" Thompson wrote in message
    >>> 3)  Victor kicks the bucket, at Katherine's order.
    >gareth hanrahan wrote:
    >> I think Omi will be the one to die. Two scenarios -
    >> 1. The Kuritans do it, but Victor blames Kat, and launches an
    >> invasion of the LA.
    >> 2. Kat does it, Victor blames Kuritan purists. It wrecks the
    >> accord.
    > T'ain't gonna happen, buddy boy. At least not IMHO.
    >Q: What would Katherine gain by killing Omi?
    >A: She'd hurt Victor.
    >Q: What would she /lose/ by killing Omi?
    >A: Her nation, her position, and her life.
    Not if scenario 2 happens. She waits until the Draconis March breaks
    with the FC, then has Omi killed. Victor goes nuts and orders an
    invasion... (anything is better than the increasingly sickening
    Omi/Victor relationship....)
    > Katherine may be the NG's favorite person to hate (and mine too),
    >she's not stupid. She has yet to do anything dumb out of spite or
    >that didn't further her own goals.
    I agree completely.
    > And if you think she could somehow
    >kill off Omi without being found out... again, never happen. She
    >managed to keep everyone from finding out she killed her mother for
    >long because a) it was an internal operation (no having to
    >operatives & supplies, etc), and b) she kept the people who knew
    >it to an absolute minimum - probably just her, Tormano, and /maybe/
    >or two others.
    Hang on a sec. 1. Tormano had no real connection with her till much
    2. Kat wasn't acting alone. Ryan was on her side (that's why she had
    Victor kill him, and is sending agents after Newmark and that other
    guy....) She quite possibly has the anti-Davion elements of the LOKI
    on her side.
    3. The Kell Hounds would on her side if it were not for a chance
    conversation between Morgan Kell and Melissa.
    > I can see her trying to axe Yvonne while Victor's gone, though -
    >would gain her the other half of the FedCom, and there's still
    >lingering anti-Kurita sentiment to allow her to blame them.
    She wouldn't kill Yvonne unless it was necessary. She's more likely
    to try and convince Yvonne that Victor is a murderer, or bad for the
    FC or something...
    >She could
    >then expose the fact that the Kuritans had treated with the Clans
    >Nova Cats), which would give her ample ground for claiming that the
    >Kuritans were attempting to break up the IS for the Clans in return
    >a piece of the action once they re-established their own Star
    Maybe...but she is seen as having founded the Star League, and the
    Nova Cats are surrendering to her Star League. She could probably
    pull it off though...
    >Hell, the people of the FedCom would welcome her with open arms.
    >this all sets up Victor joining the Combine/ARDC/Clans-in-exile
    >and NC) in fighting to regain his throne.
    I like that idea...hey, Kat hires the Dragoons again, and we finally
    get Kell Hounds vs Wolf's Dragoons....
    >> The real question is, what does Thomas want?
    >> Hang on a sec - Thomas is a ComStar agent from the days when
    >> were anti-tech.
    >> He wants a return to feudalism, and a lot of "Ideal War" (the
    >> novel) has Thomas moaning about the new technology. Maybe the
    >> double's mission is to prevent the exploitation of SL-era tech?
    > Honestly, I have to wonder if the double was placed by the Myndo
    >Waterly faction of ComStar. Seems to me he's not doing anything
    >would have furthered her goals - hell, he's /building/ the
    >technology for everyone else, even after the WoBbies moved in.
    He's not happy about it though. Plus, he would have had to reinforce
    the IS to prevent it getting torn up by the Clans before Operation
    Scorpion could take place.
    >My pet
    >theory is that he was placed by a faction opposed to Waterly -
    either to
    >increase stability to frustrate her plans, or to simply maintain
    >status quo. I mean, it's not like ComStar was doing badly, even
    >the Gray Death memory core was recovered. Also, it seems like Myndo
    >didn't know he was a double - when she was outlining the plans for
    >Operation Scorpion, she listed him as a nuisance along with Hanse
    >and Theodore Kurita.
    I wonder when the Double plotline was created by FASA? If it was
    only made up during the writing of Bred for War, then some of the
    older books might have inconsistencies....
    >Seems to me if he was a double placed by her or her
    >people, she'd be pretty sure of her control over him.
    Maybe he's a sleeper agent. The double might not know he's not
    Thomas....but he's got implanted programming which will be activated
    at some point...

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