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    At least the domain name is appropriate.  M
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    Technologies To The People+
    We don't just make better technology.
    We make better tools.
    Technologies To The People+ 10 Gigawatt Briefcase Bombs Developed
            We are working in a new electronic "bomb" that uses
            high-power microwave signals to knock out jet fighters
            computers. We try to control military communications
            Pay attention, governments
            maintains close watching brief on developments in
            weapons technology including electromagnetic devices.
            The bomb is store in a briefcase and emitted
            short, high-energy pulses reaching 10 gigawatts, which
            could destroy complex electronics systems.
            Despite the science-fiction flavour, the
            electromagnetic bomb is close to reality. It has been
            the subject of extensive research in the US and
            presumably Russia for decades.
            The concept arose through early nuclear testing when
            scientists realised that high altitude atomic blasts
            produced an electromagnetic pulse capable of destroying
            delicate electronics systems on the ground.
            That was done through induced voltages that could burn
            out electronic systems.
            Any thermonuclear war would have started with such
            ionospheric blasts. One consequence was that military
            computer and electronic systems were "hardened" to
            minimise such damage, but civil systems remain
            Two types of non-nuclear EMP devices have been
            developed. One uses conventional explosives to induce
            the EMP; another uses a single-use, high-power
            microwave generation device.
            The design and deployment of electromagnetic warheads
            for bombs and missiles was technically feasible in the
            next decade.
            Problems remained. The most fundamental is assessing
            whether the device has actually damaged or destroyed
            the target.
            Electromagnetic munitions for bomb and
            missile applications promise to be an important and
            robust weapon in both strategic and tactical
            operations, offering significantly reduced collateral
            damage and lower human casualties than established
            Infowar & Interpact Department/Technologies To The People+
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    dva wrote:
    >However moving on...,I wonder now about art and infowar.
    >It seems that art can act in information systems to jam relationships
    I am an artist myself and work as much as possible with information
    technology, since technology is a natural partner to the arts. What I
    doubt is that many artists will find it important enough to get involved
    with kind of moralistic issues to correct information of others e.g.
    agencies which have an interest in manipulation of masses etc. After all
    Beethovens nonth synphonie is a lot of information for some, but for
    others much more than that... We should recognise the fact that there is a
    lot which can't be explained. This is the very true side of art, it does
    not fit in categories like information. The magic is that it uses
    information, transzends it and through this process of transformation
    creates new information. Who ever experienced this power finds it a waste
    of time to deal with crooks. 
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