[IWAR] RE: USAF new helo depends heavily on computers

From: John Dovey (pjcdat_private)
Date: Mon May 25 1998 - 14:12:41 PDT

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    I forwarded this to my list (Army-Talk) and got this reponse.. Thought it
    might be of interest...
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    > Subject: [IWAR] USAF new helo depends heavily on computers
    > What happened to the stick and levers I used to use?
    > This bird goes down on EMP, jamming, or that microwave
    > beam gun someone mentioned... or a laser on the resonant
    > quantum frequency of silver or copper. "When I was your
    > age, we looked out the goddamn window, and we liked it!"
    > --THE LIE
    > new AF helo (e) (also from www.landings.com)
    > "I can now see threats right in front of me," says Lt. Col.
    > Scott Schafer, an MH-53J pilot, "from towers and power lines
    > to a surface-to-air-missile."
    [...deleted to save bandwidth...]
    > The helicopters of the 20th Special Operations Squadron at
    > Hurlburt will be the first to receive the new capability.
    > Two prototype modified MH-53Js, are already in use by the
    > 20th SOS.
    A very interesting topic on the USAF Helo's / Aircraft. I just recently
    came back from working w/ these at Hurlburt. A lot of this new "Gee Whiz"
    stuff is still going through its initial break - in/ growing pains. It is
    state of the art but, no matter how many bells and whistles these things
    have , Pilot skills are still #1.
    When all this Gucci gear does work though , be it w/ the MH-53 Pave Low,
    MH-60 Pave Hawk or The New AC-130 U model gunship it is very impressive
    and these guys can put rounds downrange w/ pinpoint accuracy and infil
    /exfil/provide fire support to the ground guys like myself w/good results.

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