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Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 20:32:00 PDT

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    UFO Magazine; Volume 16 No. 6, pages 57-59: Person to Person II: Part two of 
    an Interview with Gregory M. Kanon.
    GMK: Much was made of the fact that a "UFO" was seen over New York Power 
    Authority's substation at Clay, N.Y. during the Great Blackout.
    Many UFO authors' have asserted a likely link between the sighting and the 
    blackout.  It must have been electromagnetic energy released by the UFO's 
    propulsion system, or something even more sinister, they claim.  All I'm 
    saying is that, assuming that there is no prosaic explanation for the event, 
    then it's a hell of a lot more likely that a terrestrial electromagnetic 
    effect was somehow triggered, either accidentally or intentionally. 
     Strategic military installations did, as you suggest, go on reserve power. 
    Similar back-up electrical system, however, failed to function at hospitals 
    and other crucial civilian facilities.  Also strange is the fact that, 
    despite real concerns that the blackout was the results of sabotage, no 
    alert was issued by the Strategic Air Command or any of the NORAD bases in 
    the area.  Why not?
    As for your question concerning government liability, all I can say is that 
    governments of the world have risked enormous financial liability in the 
    past while subjecting their own people to all forms of testing, which, if 
    such outrageous acts had been carried out by Nazis in WWII, would no doubt 
    have results in the speedy prosecution of the perpetrators.
    The American, British, and Soviet governments have all conducted ghastly, 
    highly unethical experiments on their own people.  This is a matter of 
    public record.
         In the 1950s, the United States Navy intentionally exposed residents of 
    San Francisco to serratia bacteria, resulting in at least one death.
         Beginning in the 1940s, the United States Army conducted numerous 
    open-air germ tests across America; in one series of tests, tons of zinc 
    cadmium sulfide, a known carcinogen, were dropped from military cargo planes 
    over Minneapolis and other cities.
         The list is endless, as evidenced by the DOE Radiation Hearings 
    convened by President Clinton.  Interestingly, such testing may lie at the 
    core of the Roswell case.  (KK's comments: My theory is based on this.  A 
    theory which supporting documentation which I shared with Martin Cannon.) 
     Martin Cannon has suggested that a drone, perhaps conducting an open-air 
    germ or radiation test, crashed in Roswell back in 1947.  (KK's comments: 
    Also a part of my theory based on my field work.)  As the theory goes, the 
    government, fearing even more lawsuits, has therefore continued to put out 
    cover stories ever since.
         One investigator (KK's comments: yours very truly, Kathy Kasten) who 
    inspected a graveyard at nearby Fort Stanton (a military site virtually 
    ignored in the Roswell literature), observed that death rates, according to 
    the dates on headstones, increased dramatically between 1947 and 1951, in 
    the wake of the Roswell incident.  (KK's comments: That will teach me never 
    to openly share with my fellow investigators.  I guess Martin had run out of 
    ideas and didn't feel like doing his own field research.  There was my 
    unpublished theory just begging to be taken over by Martin.  I guess the 
    temptation was too much.)  If Cannon's theory is true, then it could provide 
    further evidence that the government was (and likely still is) ready to risk 
    a lot to further "national security."  (KK's comments: after last week's 
    field trip to the area, I have shared only bits and pieces with Walter 
    Bowart and Robert Sterling - publisher of The Konformist; and my hall mates. 
     However, it is the hall-mates who have provided the most constructive 
    suggestions as to how to proceed with the research.)
         UFO: Your probing into research facilities housing defense contractors 
    such as Sandia National Laboratories and Phillips Laboratories, particularly 
    at White Sands and Los Alamos, runs almost parallel to instances of strange, 
    UFO-related accounts from these areas, sometimes with dire physical 
    consequences for witnesses who have strayed too close to what you obviously 
    believe must have been secret experimental airborne devices.
         Could the incidence of chance observations of these experiments have 
    become too frequent, resulting in their being relocated to Alaska, a 
    relatively sparsely populated region of the United States by comparison?
    GMK:  Your point is well-taken.  Military projects in Alaska are at an 
    all-time high.
         There's HAARP, ARM/SHEBA, and others.
         What better place to conduct testing, and to cover up accidents?
         The director of the University of Alaska-Fairbank's Geophysical 
    Institute, which is involved in HAARP and related projects, recently 
    expressed concern about the military's motives and increasing control over 
    projects originally touted as scientific ventures.
         Around the time officials from Sandia were glad-handing the locals in 
    Barrow, Alaska, into accepting ARM/SHEBA (a vast array of electronics 
    purportedly used for monitoring climate changes), a "FUO" plopped down on 
    the pack-ice over the Arctic Ocean near town.  UFOs had rarely, if ever, 
    been reported in Barrow before.
         The object could very well have been a drone, which the government 
    admits will be an integral part of ARM/SHEBA, but which Sandia officials 
    failed to mention in their otherwise exhaustive presentation to the Barrow 
    populace.  Incidentally, odd aerial lights were also spotted years ago in 
    Point Hope, an Alaskan North Slope village where natives were subjected to 
    ghoulish experiments courtesy of the United States military.  Lawsuits are 
    still pending on these cases.
         The Office of Naval Research, Sandia National Laboratories, and 
    Phillips Laboratories (all heavily involved in the development of 
    electromagnetic bio-effect weapons systems) are key players in these new 
    Alaska projects.
         So the question begs: why are such military heavy-hitters running the 
    show at facilities that have been sold to the public as being purely 
    UFO:  When you first arrived in Alaska, had you any previous knowledge that 
    native American Eskimos had been subjected to tests involving harmful 
    GMK:  No.  I was shocked to learn of the long history of abuse of natives at 
    the hands of the U.S. government only after moving here some years ago.  It 
    is a pathetic legacy.
         Of course, with all the recent publicity on government radiation 
    testing, more people are learning of the atrocities committed here.
         Back in the 1960s, the government wanted to know how radioisotopes move 
    through soil and water, so they released a batch of it near an Arctic native 
    village.  Villagers continue to express concern about high rates of cancer 
    in their community.
         Then, of course, there's the infamous Iodine 131 tests conducted on 
    Inupiat Eskimo and Athobascan villagers by the United States Air Force's 
    Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory.  Natives were told they were participating in 
    "thyroid function" study.  Some of these poor unfortunate souls were, 
    according to one estimate, subjected to the equivalent of 700 chest X-rays.
    UFO:  Are there other projects which you felt might have a detrimental 
    impact on the environment, and why these should be centered in Alaska?
    GMK:  I previously mentioned ARM (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program) 
    and SHEBA (Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean).  These projects, 
    located on the North Slope of Alaska near Barrow, are supposed to monitor 
    climate changes in the Arctic.  No doubt, scientific research is being 
    conducted here, but the line-up of weapons R&D players connected with these 
    projects raises disturbing questions.
    Major participants include:
    Department of Energy
    Office of Naval Research
    Phillips Laboratory
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
    Argonne National Laboratory
    Los Alamos National Laboratory and others.
    Early on, Sandia officials expressed concerns about the local native 
    government's "regulatory environment."  ARM utilizes a sophisticated array 
    of lasers and microwave devices, surrounded by so-called RASS units that 
    will send sound waves booming skyward over huge outdoor loudspeakers for at 
    least ten minutes every hour.
         A draft DOE Environmental Assessment, issued December 1996, conceded 
    that the units could generate sound loud enough to be heard as far away as 
    2,000 meters (6,900 feet).
         The ARM site, nestled in an old United States Navy facility, is near 
    small businesses, houses, and even the local college.  Furthermore, ARM 
    employs laser-radar units known as LIDAR (KK's comments:  Dr. Alfred Wong is 
    the inventor, here at UCLA his telephone number is 310-825-1642 or 
    310-825-9531; e-mail address is awongat_private), which the military 
    now uses in weapon-firing and target-recognition systems.
         Officials will say little about SHEBA, which is tied into ARM through 
    Sandia.  This project, run under the auspices of the Office of Naval 
    Research, will be conveniently tucked away from view far out on the 
    perennial ice-pack.
    UFO:  The use of holographic projections in future conflicts may be closer 
    than we think; is this a foretaste of what we can expect to see as the 
    United States continues to develop its psychological warfare program, and 
    how real are the dangers from "mind" experiments?
    GMK:  Not many people are aware that President Nixon flirted with a plan 
    back in the sixties to project a holographic image of Christ over Cuba to 
    promote belief in the Second coming which, his advisors hoped, would cause 
    the Cuban army to throw down its arms and overthrow Castro.
         Similar techniques are known to have been used in Indo-China by the 
    United States military.  Michael Persinger, the Laurentian University 
    professor who has conducted extensive studies examining the effects of 
    microwaves on the human brain, concludes that technology now exists to 
    directly affect the mind of every human on Earth.
         It is interesting that Persinger made this claim about the time the 
    HAARP site was being established in Alaska.
         He may have had HAARP and other similar facilities in mind when he 
    issued his provocative statement.
         Interestingly, Persinger has successfully induced UFO-like 
    hallucinations and other altered mental states in subjects, in much the same 
    way United States Army and Navy researchers did, although in a much more 
    rudimentary way, back in the sixties and seventies.

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