[IWAR] USAF new helo depends heavily on computers

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    While I don't question the skills of pilots trained to use this
    equipment, I'm simply concerned that in the rush to computerize
    everything for the extended range and power, we expose the pilots
    to risk of attack by some youngster with a microwave oven and an
    old television antenna. When the computers go down, can the crew
    use their arm strength to turn it around and fly for their lives,
    or does the thing go kerput and crash its expendible resources? 
    --THE LIE
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    >  John,
    >A very interesting topic on the USAF Helo's / Aircraft. I
    >just recently came back from working w/ these at Hurlburt. A
    >lot of this new "Gee Whiz" stuff is still going through its
    >initial break - in/ growing pains. It is state of the art
    >but, no matter how many bells and whistles these things have, 
    >Pilot skills are still #1. When all this Gucci gear does
    >work though , be it w/ the MH-53 Pave Low, MH-60 Pave Hawk
    >or The New AC-130 U model gunship it is very impressive and
    >these guys can put rounds downrange w/ pinpoint accuracy and
    >infil /exfil/provide fire support to the ground guys like
    >myself w/good results.

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