RE: [IWAR] USAF new helo depends heavily on computers

From: John Dovey (pjcdat_private)
Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 01:49:49 PDT

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    > While I don't question the skills of pilots trained to use this
    > equipment, I'm simply concerned that in the rush to computerise
    > everything for the extended range and power, we expose the pilots
    > to risk of attack by some youngster with a microwave oven and an
    > old television antenna. When the computers go down, can the crew
    > use their arm strength to turn it around and fly for their lives,
    > or does the thing go kaput and crash its expendable resources?
    My question as an outsider to the US Military (I am from South Africa) goes
    slightly further than that..
    It is my opinion (gathered on a trip to Ft Bragg and much reading about it
    and talking to various people) that the US Army in general is too reliant on
    technology. There is also the focus on equipment for the main land battle
    which is a little absurd considering the fact that the primary mission is
    LIC and should be focused on that, but that is another debate..
    What I think is that items such as this Gee-Whiz Chopper are vulnerable NOT
    only because of the type of thing that you suggest, but more because of the
    INFORMATION that is available to potential enemies..
    If I was targeting the US Army, say there was a task-force deployed in my
    country and I was fighting against them, I could suggest a few ways of
    defeating it.. How about this.. I set the pilot up with an attractive woman,
    then make sexual harassment claims in the media.. ? Boom.. One less pilot to
    worry about.. More to the point though, the target for me would not be the
    pilot OR the chopper, but the maintenance tech whose job it is to keep the
    chopper flying.. There are all kinds of non-violent ways of taking them out
    of the equation.. a little email to the wife back home (or husband) saying..
    Do you know what your husband is getting up to while you are away.. would
    (in my opinion) create a situation where they are at least going to be less
    effective and at best will be moved "out of theatre" because of "family
    problems" .. Doctored images (which are now so easy to create) would
    contribute significantly to the success of such an attack...
    Just my thoughts..

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