[IWAR] thoughts on China/US relations

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Sun Jun 21 1998 - 19:06:20 PDT

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    It looks like we may be headed toward another 'red scare' of sorts in an
    attempt to root out possibly mis-perceived and possibly real Chinese
    subversion of United States politics. However various events and China's
    record indicate a vigilant investigation into conspiracy is needed:
      - campaign contributions to DNC (esp Clinton)
      - adamant, crippling white house cryptography policy
            (China == big supercomputer customer)
      - debilitating economic attack on strategic mineral miner Molycorp
            (closest competitor == Chinese state company)
      - reported Chinese communist investment, attempt to control
            Long Beach port facilities
      - Loral technology transfer (for what it's worth)
    Historically China does need to be strong in itself militarily to prevent
    future occupations by other countries, however, defensive fervor can often
    run too far and be used by opportunists to further expansive imperialist
    aims. Thus the need to watch and publicise. Witnessing China's repressive
    record, the need is strong.
    China isn't, of course, the only country in which an increase in defensive
    capabilities could possibly be used as an excuse by those perverted by
    greed and violence to go on the offensive. It's happened before, everywhere.

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