[IWAR] 'Going Public' taken to new level by FBI

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Sun Jun 21 1998 - 19:21:58 PDT

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    FBI places rather interesting case files on-line. Majestic-12, Roswell,
    Cattle Mutilations, Celebrities, Criminals, Activists, you and me. Part of
    a strategy to boost their image? Certainly saves money on FOIA requests.
    Currently only 47 cases available. Is this disinformation? I read the MJ12
    document and the file seemed incomplete. Fun, but that's it?
    I had a dream that at a dinner with Pres. Clinton (whispering about using
    nuclear weapons) I talked briefly to Janet Reno. She was actually a lot
    prettier than most of the comedians make her out to be. I told her that I
    thought the basic concept of the justice system was a really good one,
    where parties could solve disputes without bloodshed. She looked a little
    I still don't know why the agents who assassinated the small-time rebels at
    Ruby Ridge (instead of, uhh, umm, arresting them) weren't charged with even
    manslaughter, or why Waco went so out of control and resulted in such
    unnecessary violence.
    Perhaps there are some who seek to discredit and undermine the FBI, other
    agencies, and the United States by increasing and abusing power beyond a
    breaking point in public perception.

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