[IWAR] Re: CIA says China and others focus on U.S. computer flaws

From: CyberPsychotic (fygraveat_private)
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 20:09:16 PDT

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    > "We know with specificity of several nations that are working on
    > developing an information warfare capability," the chief U.S.
    > "It is clear that nations developing these programs recognize 
    > He quoted statements from officials in China, Russia and an 
    Bullshit for sure. If russian Officials would claim this, we would
    hear it for sure, (not speaking of that Russian Officails watch their
    tongues very carefully, being tought on examples of Belarusia, and some
    other countries, which raised their voices againinst US. Gov't fuckheads
    and thus got the cut off of many financial aids and supports.
    China might act this way tho, Since they are less depended financially
    from US.

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