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From: geemanat_private
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 09:42:46 PDT

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    For what it's worth .......:
    Written Comments
        Interested persons are invited to comment on this Notice of 
    Proposed Rulemaking. It is requested, but not required, that two copies 
    be submitted.
        All comments must be limited to 15 pages in length. Necessary 
    attachments may be appended to those submissions without regard to the 
    15 page limit. (49 CFR 553.21.) This limitation is intended to 
    encourage commenters to detail their primary arguments in a concise 
        Written comments to the public docket must be received by August 3, 
    1998. All comments received before the close of business on the comment 
    closing date will be considered and will be available for examination 
    in the docket at the above address before and after that date. To the 
    extent possible, comments received after the closing date will also be 
    considered. However, the rulemaking action may proceed at any time 
    after that date. NHTSA will continue to file relevant material in the 
    docket as they become available after the closing date, and it is 
    recommended that interested persons continue to examine the docket for 
    new materials. To expedite submission of comments, simultaneous with 
    the issuance of this notice NHTSA will mail copies to all Governor's 
    Representatives for Highway Safety and to the motor vehicle 
    administrators for each State.
        Those persons desiring to be notified upon receipt of their 
    comments in the docket should enclose, in the envelope with their 
    comments, a self-addressed stamped postcard. Upon receiving the 
    comments, the docket supervisor will return the postcard by mail.
        Copies of all documents will be placed in Docket No. NHTSA-98-3945; 
    in Docket Management, Room PL-401, Nassif Building, 400 Seventh Street, 
    SW, Washington, DC 20590.
    At 12:05 PM 6/24/98 -0700, Mark Hedges wrote:
    >Looks like everything's on schedule for Judgment Day, eh? -hedges-
    >>From freecongress.org<-Scan This News:
    >>Implementation of National ID Imminent
    >>By Scott McDonald, SCAN THIS NEWS
    >>On Wednesday, June 17th, the U.S. Department of Transportation published
    >>the proposed "Driver's License/SSN/National Identification Document"
    >>guidelines which all states will be compelled to comply with over the
    >>next two years. The "Notice of Proposed Rule Making" (NPRM) sets out the
    >>"standard feature" requirements for driver's license cards and other
    >>"identification" documents. States that do not comply will find that
    >>their citizens will not be allowed to participate in routine,
    >>life-essential functions after the imposed federal deadline of October
    >>1, 2000.
    >>Non-conforming licenses will not be accepted for identification by any
    >>federal agency. Once implemented no one in the U.S. will be able to
    >>engage in many basic, fundamental societal activities unless they carry
    >>with them at all times a conforming government-issued identification
    >>card. Not surprisingly, under the proposed rule it will become MANDATORY
    >>that social security numbers must be submitted in order for anyone to
    >>receive a state-issued driver's license.
    >>Perhaps the most pervasive implication of this new National ID scheme is
    >>that in the near future an identification card will be required just to
    >>engage in activities we now take for granted.
    >>Under the federal "New Hires Database" system and the related
    >>"Employment Eligibility Confirmation System" program, EVERYONE will be
    >>required to possess an approved identification document in order to get
    >>a job and work in the United States.
    >>Also, as a condition of the new and upcoming healthcare-provider
    >>requirements everyone will have to submit a conforming identification
    >>document in order to receive health care. Otherwise, the healthcare
    >>provider will forfeit all federal compensation for their services --
    >>Medicaid, Medicare -- and you know they're not about to risk that.
    >>Of course other activities such as banking, purchasing insurance,
    >>writing a check, obtaining a passport, boarding a commercial airliner --
    >>and the list goes on and on -- will all likewise require the new IDs.
    >>The proponents of this measure are intent on establishing a universal,
    >>nationwide identification system -- and state-issued driver's licenses
    >>are the method they have chosen as the "path of least resistance."
    >>Under the "Administrative Procedures Act" federal agencies must announce
    >>their intention to promulgate new rules, (as they have now done in this
    >>case), and they must provide an opportunity for the general public to
    >>comment on their proposal. Watch for more information on how to oppose
    >>this rule in upcoming editions of the CfCL Weekly Update.
    >>Read the Proposed DOT Rules (cut and paste URL into browser):

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