CRIME FW: NIPC Daily Report 19 December 2001

From: George Heuston (GeorgeH@private)
Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 08:39:50 PST

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    The NIPC Daily Report 19 December 2001
    The NIPC Watch and Warning Unit will provide current, relevant 
    information about actual or potential threats to the critical 
    infrastructures in order to provide situational awareness of issues 
    impacting the integrity and capability of the eight national critical 
    General - Message Labs reported that it detected one virus per 370 
    e?mails in 2001, compared to one in 700 in 2000 and one in 1400 in 1999.
      Of the 2001 total of 1,628,750 infected e?mails, more than 500,000 
    were infected with the SirCam.A virus; 258,242 with BadTrans.B; 152,102 
    with Magistr.A; 136,585 with Goner.A; and 90,473 with Hybris.B. 
    (etimperative, 17 December)
    Electrical Power - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's security drills, 
    meant to ensure that reactor guards can repel terrorists, involved mock 
    attacks by three intruders and one conspirator inside the plant, 
    according to a nuclear safety group called the Committee to Bridge the 
    Gap.  Even against such limited challenges, crews at nearly half the 
    reactors have scored poorly, according to documents assembled by the 
    nuclear safety group. (New York Times, 17 December)
    Transportation - Security breaches in the last month and a half have 
    caused the evacuation of 26 airport terminals or concourses, 1,111 
    flight delays, and the cancellation of 408 flights, a Federal Aviation 
    Administration (FAA) official said on 18 December.  Ross Hamory, the 
    FAA's director of security operations, attributed most of the incidents 
    to events not related to genuine threats.  (Mercury News, 18 December)

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