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    NIPC Daily Report                                           14 February 
     The NIPC Watch and Warning Unit compiles this report to inform 
    recipients of issues impacting the integrity and capability of the 
    nation's critical infrastructures.
    SNMP attack tool in the wild.  Oulu University in Finland created an 
    automated tool to test for vulnerabilities affecting Simple Network 
    Management Protocol (SNMP). This tool can also be used by hackers as a 
    vulnerability assessment device.  (Security Wire Digest, 13 Feb)
    Cybercrime may carry stiffer penalties.  House Science Committee 
    Chairman Sherwood Boehlert, R-NY, and Rep. Lamar Smith, R-TX proposed a 
    bill to clarify sections of the USA Patriot Act that would give the 
    government authority to increase the penalties for crimes such as 
    hacking, computer fraud, and advertising illegal devices.  The proposed 
    bill also calls for Internet Service Providers to provide information to
    the government in "emergency situations."  The USA Patriot Act was 
    passed after 11 September to tighten cyber security.  (ZDNet News, 13
    White House sets up cybersecurity coordination center.  Richard Clarke 
    announced plans to set up the Cybersecurity information Coordination 
    Center to coordinate the government's response to cybersecurity attacks.
    The center will join the Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, the 
    Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office and the Analysis and Warning 
    Section of the National Infrastructure Protection Center. (, 13
    UBS Warburg revives Enron gas, power-trading operation.  London-based 
    UBS Warburg, has acquired Enron's gas and power trading IT 
    infrastructure, including its intellectual property and 625 of its 
    former employees, and reincarnated it as UBS Warburg Energy, or UBS purchased only the gas and power trading platform 
    from Enron, leaving the former Fortune 500 company with the less 
    profitable steel, water, bandwidth and pulp and paper exchanges.  
    (ComputerWorld, 12 Feb)
    'Warhol' porn worm warning.  A worm named "Warhol" is affecting users of
    Microsoft Instant Messenger. If you receive the following message, "Go 
    To NoW !!!," or a similarly named
    message, do not following the link. The code also sends the message to 
    addresses in your contact book. (VNUNet,  14 Feb)
    Japan and US to strengthen ties to fight cyber terrorism.  The Japanese 
    and US Defense officials confirmed have that they will strengthen 
    cooperation in fighting cyber terrorism for actions directed at 
    facilities like nuclear power stations and air control towers.  The two 
    sides also agreed to promote the sharing of information and access to 
    telecommunications systems for Japan's Self Defense and the US forces.  
    (Tokyo Jiji Press, 14 Feb)
    Russian government cracking down on Cyberterrorism.  At a meeting of the
    Federal Antiterrorist Commission in early February, the Russian 
    government discussed wide-ranging plans to assist in the ongoing U.S. 
    campaign against terrorism.  Part of this assistance includes plans to 
    cracking down on cyber-terrorism. The plan also speaks to preventing 
    biological and chemical terrorism and deterring attacks on the Russian 
    transport infrastructure. (Info Security News, 13 Feb)
    Japanese firm 'illegally' accessed NASDA computer. An employee of a 
    major satellite maker illegally accessed a National Space Development 
    Agency of Japan (NASDA) computer and obtained classified data on a 
    super-high-speed Internet satellite scheduled for launch in 2005. (Tokyo
    Kyodo, 14 Feb)
    Call to speed up cyber crime law. Dubai Police have urged the 
    authorities to speed up legislation governing cyber crime. Maj. Gen. 
    Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Dubai Police Chief, stressed the need for exchange 
    of the latest technologies and knowledge related to IT between the law 
    enforcement forces and IT experts. (Gulf News, 13 Feb)

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