From: Robert Johnston (bob@private)
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 05:54:31 PDT

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    I do this for a living.  We see what e can do locally (read cheap and fast).  If
    we can't recover any data, we send it off to Drive Savers. (read expensive and
    slow, but effective).  You are welcome to give me a call.
    Robert Johnston
    Datajockeys, LLC 
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    Anyone know of any good software to recover data off a drive. Our main
    accounting server (all company info)  died, the man responsible for backing it
    said he was, but latest backup is 6mo. ago...
    Need help here Smart Guys.
    Please reply to steven@private
    Steve Nichols
    503-424-5000 (pdx)
    503-565-5000 (McM)
    On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 09:09:41PM -0700, Kuo, Jimmy wrote:
    > >>The circumstance where Open Source is good at providing "patches"
    > >>quicker than the proprietary arena involves the "emergency" scenarios.  
    > >>And though this is true even for security products, what the 
    > >>"companies" are good at are the regular, mundane updates.  That's the 
    > >>service aspect that you can't buy with Open Source, and that's what's 
    > >>more true in our ("Security") area of expertise.
    > >It's not free, but you can buy service for open source products. Many
    > >companies will sell you service for mundane tasks for open source 
    > >systems. The above is just false.
    > You're right.  What I was referring to is the concept that Open Source 
    > is cheaper because it's Open Source.  And you're making the point I 
    > intended.  That being, service is a separate issue that you would 
    > still need to pay for.
    > Jimmy

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