RE: CRIME Hi all

From: Quinby, Kris (MED) (kris.quinby@private)
Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 16:11:40 PDT

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    Secret Service
    If you receive similar letters in the future you can forward them
    directly to the Secret Service via e-mail at
    <mailto:419.fcd@private> 419.fcd@private  
    Or, mail your complaint to:
    US Secret Service 
    Financial Crimes Division 
    950 H Street N.W. 
    Suite 5300 
    Washington, DC 20223 
    Phone: (202) 406-5850   Fax: (202) 406-5031 
    Or the Portland office:
    PORTLAND 503-326-2162
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    From: Steven Nichols [mailto:steven@private] 
    Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 3:39 PM
    To: crime@private
    Subject: CRIME Hi all
    One of our customers has a story to tell.
    Apparently the "give me your bank account number and you will get the $"
    scam has gone one step further.
    Today, they received an email informing them that they had died. This
    email was sent to anyone w/ the same last name.
    They started receiving call from relatives.
    The email (which I do not have a copy of yet) said. So and so died. I am
    the executor of their estate. Please give me your bank acct. and the
    $40Mill will be dispersed ASAP.
    1.	Who can I report this to. 
    2.	Has anyone seen this one yet? 
    3.	What steps does my customer need to take. 
    I am aware that this is a spam. That it should be ignored. But I'm
    trying to stop all of their relatives from being cleaned out.
    Any thoughts?

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