GHOST Image test/switches

From: dan mares (dmaresat_private)
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 12:15:06 PDT

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    OK. here we go. I'm testing GHOST again.
    1.   one (1) gig drive.
    2.   did MD5 of drive.
    3.   used Ghost with following command switches:      -ia  -ib  -id  -fdsz
    4.   after image made, checked MD5 of original, no alterations.
    5.  restored image to original (same) drive.
    6.  using  switches  -ia  -ib  -id   -fdsz
    7.  Ghost changed first 32 bytes of MBR.
    Who has a good set of command line switches to cause Ghost not to alter
    these 32 bytes.
    If they exist, all I want is switches. Please no explanations.
    Using Ghost ver: 2001, file size: 710,534
    BTW: Safeback worked fine. (as always).
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