RE: Registry Key LastWrite times

From: H C (keydet89at_private)
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 14:01:34 PDT

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    > The procedure for using regedt32...
    Even after working w/ NT for quite a while, I wasn't
    aware that this was something you could do.  
    I've preferred to use a Perl script that I wrote (with
    some assistance from Dave Roth) to retrieve this
    information.  When doing assessments, I've found that
    using tools like DumpACL and DumpReg are very have to sort through mounds of data
    to get what you want.  I've most often preferred to
    use third-party tools, or tools of my own design to
    retrieve the information I need.
    Thanks for your input.  It's greatly appreciated.
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