RE: NT vs Unix on the Internet

From: Russ (Russ.Cooperat_private)
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 13:32:16 PDT

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    >One point that has come up is along the lines of `most Internet
    >sites that have been hacked have been running Unix therefore Unix
    >is insecure'.  
    If you have to try and defeat such a silly argument as this, then no
    figures are going to sway the argument. I'd suggest you simply make some
    up if you think it will help.
    One might try and argue that since most known exploits are designed to
    attack weaknesses/misconfigurations in widely deployed Unix environments
    using something "less known" is more secure. Obviously this is FUD also,
    since it relies on Security by Obscurity.
    The number of hacks should be far less important than the confidence
    level of your employees who are going to be handed the responsibility
    for ensuring the security of your environment. Your company has to make
    a long-term committed investment in their security policy, its
    implementation and enforcement. What OS is chosen might be affected by
    current skills, availability of skills in the future, and of course
    standard factors like suitability to task, etc...
    Try and point out the irrelevance of their arguments and get them to
    focus on pertinent issues that can be assessed in the context of your
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