NT vs Unix on the Internet

From: BVE (bveat_private)
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 14:38:30 PDT

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         Date: Mon, 04 May 1998 09:46:13 +1000 (EST)
         From: Peter Jeremy <peter.jeremyat_private>
         I'm currently engaged in an internal NT vs Unix debate and trying to
         insert some facts into the debate.
         One point that has come up is along the lines of `most Internet sites
         that have been hacked have been running Unix therefore Unix is
         insecure'.  Can anyone point me to some figures showing what sorts of
         sites have been broken into and what they were running, compared to
         the Internet as a whole?
         Note: I don't want to start a flamewar here.  I'm just after some
         defendable figures in place of FUD.
    I don't have the numbers, but look at some of the recent CERT advisories,
    regarding the widespread use of teardrop-related attacks against large numbers
    of sites across the Internet.
    ..And in the editorial dept.:  I've had to set up both Unix and NT machines for
    shared hosting platforms, and I am currently quite stymied by several issues
    under NT, especially the high cost of keeping up-to-date with the MANY hotfixes
    (use NTbugtraq.com to help with this! -- Thanks Russ! ;-).  Also, I find it
    difficult to add any additional layers of protection -- basically, you have to
    count on the software not having bugs.  Finally, if you think MS's software is
    bad, wait until you try to configure other products, such as Net Objects'
    Fusion, Cold Fusion, etc. for shared use.  It is practically impossible to keep
    one client from having access to another's stuff, and equally difficult to
    separate program data from transient data.  Again, you simply must rely on the
    software to work right.
    Does anyone have some suggestions for solving these problems?  This is
    off-topic, so responses should probably not go to the list....
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