Re: NT vs Unix on the Internet

From: Joseph S. D. Yao (jsdyat_private)
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 08:15:08 PDT

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    > > One point that has come up is along the lines of `most Internet sites
    > > that have been hacked have been running Unix therefore Unix is
    > > insecure'.  Can anyone point me to some figures showing what sorts of
    > > sites have been broken into and what they were running, compared to
    > > the Internet as a whole?
    Most criminals executed have been human.  Therefore all humans are
    Sounds absurd, doesn't it?  I  w i s h  that company execs were forced
    to take AND LEARN a course in elementary logic.
    Most Internet systems are Unix systems.  Unix' range of securability is
    much wider than MS Wind-NT's.  It can be made much more open - great if
    the system is not on a network.  It can be made much more secure -
    which is desirable for those systems made publicly available on the
    Internet.  Unfortunately, some number of Unix systems are thrust on the
    Internet without being properly secured.  I think that, considering the
    vast number of Unix systems on the Internet, it is encouraging to see
    how few have been reported as hacked.
    Since MS Wind-NT has been more prevalent on the Internet, hackers have
    turned their attentions from Unix [that being the other point: if it's
    not there to hack, who wanted to try?] to MSWNT.  They have,
    delightedly, pointed out many ways to compromise security and cause the
    dread Blue Screen of Death, in even "secured" MSWNT systems.
    Don't look for just numbers.  Numbers don't lie; but they don't give
    you any meaningful interpretation of themselves.  Look for the meaning
    behind the numbers.
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