Re: Blitzkrieg Server -- For Real?!

From: dharrisat_private
Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 07:07:38 PDT

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    After reading the Signal article I suspect that the the Blitzkrieg Server 
    is based on bogon flux technology.  This technology is not new, but the 
    Blitzkrieg Server appears to be a quantum leap implementation.  I would 
    recommend installing this product in a very well ventilated area to prevent 
    over-saturating its environment with stray bogons, and strongly suggest 
    wearing high rubber boots in its vicinity.
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    Subject: Blitzkrieg Server -- For Real?!
    Author: at INTERNET-MAIL
    Date:    5/6/98 5:59 PM
         Hello Wizards,
         Came across these links on CNN and the May98 issue of Signal Magazine.
         or the vendor's site
         Article describes new technology developed by a Quantum Physics 
         theorist. It's called the Blitzkrieg Server, and seems to be a highly 
         advanced AI engine and counter-attack engine for network security.  
         The counter-attack supposedly viraly infects the entire network that a 
         hacker originates from.....somemhow.  Seems to have sparked some 
         interest from the CIA and such.
         Anyone else heard of this? Seems like pure hype based on fiction to 
         me....Is this pure marketing smoke, or is there some sort of unreal 
         counter-attack technology bundled into this product?
         Anton Rager

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