Re: Blitzkrieg Server -- For Real?! ( LONG )

From: David Kennedy CISSP (dmkennedyat_private)
Date: Sun May 10 1998 - 08:59:16 PDT

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    At 11:13 AM 5/10/98 -0400, Nick Drage wrote:
    >>     Anyone else heard of this? Seems like pure hype based on
    fiction to 
    >>     me....Is this pure marketing smoke, or is there some sort of
    >>     counter-attack technology bundled into this product?
    >I'd like to second this request.  Buried amongst all the jargon (
    which I
    >suspect is all B.S. ) it seems you install this product, then collect
    >pension.  I would be very interested to see what InfoSec gurus make
    of such
    >comments as:-
    I've e-mailed and called for more technical details, after seeing the
    article in print when my Signal arrived last week.  They've promised a
    copy of the white paper mentioned in the article, but they are
    "treating the technology as if it is covered by the USML, as published
    as part of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)." (I
    didn't make that up, it's a quote.)
    George Smith, Editor of Crypt Newsletter has some very interesting
    observations, see:
    One observation on an underground list was to the effect, if jargon
    could win a war the "BS" would dominate the world. (BS = Blitzkrieg
    Server, but free substitution is taking place among them) Another
    observation on IRC is, with OpenGL graphics accelerator, it's 95%
    gooey 5% something else.
    The Signal article has pegged the skepticism meter on everyone with a
    clue and they've got to overcome that, fast, with some details before
    they're marginalized.
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