Re: Inside PIX?

From: Eric Vyncke (evynckeat_private)
Date: Sun May 17 1998 - 12:59:38 PDT

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    At 15:26 14/05/98 +0000, arkat_private wrote:
    >There was a posting in some days ago: one man
    >told he opened the PIX box and guess what was inside? Yep, you are
    >right. The generic chinese PC motherboard with Pentium CPU.
    >Not just some Pentium-based piece of hardware, but _PC_ motherboard.
    >IDE controller and some other things were removed but..
    It is a PC motherboard with some piece removed/not installed (e.g.
    the PIX does not need VGA, IDE, SCSI, keyboard, ... controllers --
    just a fast PCI). The boot PROM is of course not the plain BIOS ;-)
    >Then, did anybody try to take a closer look on the software?
    >I guess (if the assumption that PIX software is an IOS derivative is
    >right) porting IOS to the PC was not as hard as one might think
    >(assuming that IOS was really written in gcc as rumors say): not easy
    >but not harder than porting from one cisco hardware platform to another
    >(some ciscos are (were) actually a m68k-based _computer_ with nearly
    >no tricky hardware things implemented and others have nearly nothing
    >common with first ones)
    As Perry and others mentionned it, the PIX software is running on
    a micro kernel called Finesse. The PIX comes from the acquisition
    of a company called NTI (I think in late '95).
    The PIX software is not IOS based (mainly -- I guess-- because the
    microkernels are different), but, the command line interface has
    been modified to look like the IOS one ;-)
    >..i am just curious. It would be funny to see IOS running on PC ;) 
    <HUMOUR> I would prefer to get my MS-Word, Eudora, ... running
    on IOS for stability sake </HUMOUR>
    Hope this helps
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