RE: Inside PIX?

From: Steve Sutherland (stephen.b.sutherlandat_private)
Date: Mon May 18 1998 - 08:26:36 PDT

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    I haven't heard of NetScreen, but I am always wary of outrageous claims made at InterOp by new vendors. Anyone remember RadioLAN?
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    	Just an FYI, at interop there was a startup called NetScreen
    with a box they claimed could do wire speed packet filtering at 100mbs
    on custom hardware.  (Spec sheet says "100 mpbs wire speed, any packet
    size, with simultaenous advanced firewall rules (200 rules) and VPN
    encryption (IPSEC).)
    	I'd be very interested to hear about any experiences with
    this; they seem to be pushing the enevelope of whats available as an
    appliance.  (Sub-$10k for the 100mbs box, sub 5 for a 10megabit
    Tony Schliesser wrote:
    | Every  firewall appliance product I have seen uses PC hardware
    | (usually P5 200).
    | Nothing wrong with it -- and I guess expected.
    | Tony
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    | There was a posting in some days ago: one man
    | told he opened the PIX box and guess what was inside? Yep, you are
    | right. The generic chinese PC motherboard with Pentium CPU.
    | Not just some Pentium-based piece of hardware, but _PC_ motherboard.
    | IDE controller and some other things were removed but..
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