Re: Transparency for the TIS Firewall Toolkit v 2.1

From: youngkat_private
Date: Fri May 22 1998 - 06:56:35 PDT

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    I have updated the FWTK FAQ with the new patches also:
    "james b. croall" <jamesat_private> on 05/21/98 05:46:28 PM
    To:   fwtk-usersat_private, firewallsat_private,
    Subject:  Transparency for the TIS Firewall Toolkit v 2.1
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    After a couple of requests, I have updated the transparency patches for
    the fwtk to version 2.1. They seem to work (no guarantees) pretty well
    with the Linux TRANSPARENT_PROXY code and Darren Reed's IP Filter NAT
    code for [Net|Free|Open]BSD/BSDI/Linux/etc.
    They're available from until my own
    web server regains consciousness.
    - james

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