Newbie question - IP routing through a firewall

From: Asier Azaceta (azacetaat_private)
Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 08:22:25 PDT

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    this is the first time I write to this list. I know this question may look
    pretty stupid, but I won't be rest in peace until I know the right answer.
    I've got a network structure similar to this:
           Internet --- Router --- Firewall ---- Internal Network
                                 Server Farm
    Right now, I have no direct control over the router, that's way I want be
    sure before asking for any setup modifications on it.
    I've read you shouldn't have IP Routing enabled in the firewall, that's
    fine, but my question is: Should the router pass all the traffic to the
    firewall? I mean, should it have a route like 'internal-network gw
    I've tried to find the answer in books, but every one obvious this subject.
    Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance,
    Asier Azaceta
    Head of Communications Division
    ComuNET, S.A.
    Gral. Concha 39,6
    48012 Bilbao (SPAIN)
    Tel: +34 94 4700101
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