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From: tqbfat_private
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 03:13:13 PDT

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    > I'm working with a company currently using a T1 which becomes very
    > sluggish when engineers do many FTP and HTTP sessions through a state
    > firewall on a Netra-1 (firewall is not a bottleneck).  They're thinking
    > of upgrading to a T3 with a fast proxy server (+ VPN) since they also
    > are running out of IPs, and internal systems are getting hit by external
    > packets.
    Whoah. Are you sure you're saturating the DS1 and not the router? Do you
    have numbers to back up moving to a DS3? How big is this company? I ran a
    large ISP for a couple years, and I have never seen a non-content-provider
    or ISP that needed a DS3.
    Highly recommended tool: MRTG, the Multi-Router Traffic Grapher, which
    polls SNMP devices and throws up nice graphs in HTML. You can find it at
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