Re: Help: Weird email received & E-Safe Alert

From: Bill_Roydsat_private
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 09:51:03 PDT

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    This format is also that of Microsoft Rich Text Format (RTF) used by MS
    Considering the fcointext, I would think that is more likely.
    root <etienneat_private>
    incidentsat_private(bcc: Bill Royds/HullOttawa/PCH/CA)
    Re: Help: Weird email received & E-Safe Alert
    On Thu, 04 Oct 2001 14:15:17 +0200, root <etienneat_private>  said:
    > \par }\pard \qj\widctlpar{\*\pn \pnlvlcont\pndec }{\fs24\lang2057
    > \par {\pntext\pard\plain\f1 \'b7\tab}}\pard
    > \qj\fi-283\li283\widctlpar{\*\pn \pnlvlblt\pnf1\pnindent283
    > {\pntxtb \'b7}}{\fs24\lang2057 Create a new file.
    > \par }\pard \qj\widctlpar{\*\pn \pnlvlcont\pndec }{\fs24\lang2057
    > \par The new command \ldblquote Scan Text\rdblquote  has been added to
    > the \ldblquote File\rdblquote
    > menu.
    > \par
    > \par
    > \par }{\b\fs30\lang2057 C. Excel 2000 (Office 2000) and Excel 97 (Office
    > 97)
    > \par }{\fs24\lang2057
    > \par Start Excel.
    Woo woo.  Somebody tried to send TeX/LaTeX formatted text.
    I think the equiv HTML would be:
    <center>Create a new file.</center>
    The new command ``Scan Text'' has been added to the ``File'' menu.
    <p><font size=+1>C. Excel 2000 (Office 2000) and Excel 97 (Office
    <p>Start Excel.
    Might want to touch base with the person who sent it - I've almost NEVER
    seen LaTeX used for announcements like that.  I'd *expect* to see it in
    an attachment, carrying the source for a manual or the like...
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