Departure from the list - new moderators

From: Alfred Huger (ahat_private)
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 12:05:18 PDT

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    Heya all,
    I have been meaning to fire off this email for some time regarding
    management of the Incidents list. My engineering commitments
    here at SecurityFocus are leaving me less free time to deal with this
    list. In order to address this so that the list maintains its quality
    level I have handed off the list to two very capable Incident Analysts
    from the ARIS Team here at SecurityFocus. Jensenne Roculan <jroculanat_private>
    and Mario van Velzen <mvelzenat_private> are now, and have been
    for the last month or so, managing this list.
    Thanks to all of you for helping build this list into the 18,000+ members
    it has as well as providing the quality posts you have. I still follow the
    list with interest and hopefully will be able to now enjoy it more as a
    member than a moderator :>
    VP Engineering
    "Vae Victis"
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